My Thoughts About Survival (Video Inside)

survival vlog

Did you miss me? I hope somebody misses me, cause i miss blogging while I’m on my self induced technology detox for a week or two. Don’t know what it really means lol but I am soo happy that I’m back.


Is it time to go?

icerberg rose

It’s always been in my plan to leave my work place. Not because I don’t like it, but I feel like it’s not competitive when it comes to compensation compared to other facilities. Is it because I am a Millennial and my driving force is money?


Not Everyone Will Like You Online


I’ve been out for awhile. I was not able to commit with my “every Tuesday new blogpost”. What a shame. 🙂 Anyway, life happens. So here’s my short realization about attempting to start a youtube channel. I posted this video last week (July 8,2019)


Madona’s God Control and My Package


9 hours ago I was soo excited because I am expecting a package from Beautylish via Fedex. I was just talking to Julie here about how excited I am. I worked last night 12 hours of course. I’was soo tired, but I am so happy because after 5 days of waiting I am getting my delivery today. Really really excited. Do you have the same feeling when you are about to receive something that you are really wanting for a long long time??


I Hate My New Toothbrush


Yes you read it right, I hate my new toothbrush. My husband bought these toothbrush, and I don’t like them. They are so abrasive. Sometimes it hurts my gum.  However I am still using it, because it does really do the job. After using it I can feel that my teeth is surprisingly fresh and clean, better than the old one. Feels like I just had a dental appointment.


Depression is Real

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America as per CDC (2017). The suicide rates are alarming. It is the second leading cause of death in ages 10 to 34. There are 123 Americans die from suicide every day.  And there is one death by suicide in America every 12 minutes.


I lost $600


Yep you read it right, WifeBlah lost $600 by not going to work tonight. But hey, I don’t have any regrets. My father’s sleep is priceless. I missed work, and the next time I will miss work I will be suspended. We are only allowed to miss work twice in a year.