I Hate My New Toothbrush


Yes you read it right, I hate my new toothbrush. My husband bought these toothbrush, and I don’t like them. They are so abrasive. Sometimes it hurts my gum.  However I am still using it, because it does really do the job. After using it I can feel that my teeth is surprisingly fresh and clean, better than the old one. Feels like I just had a dental appointment.


Blogger Recognition Award – First Timer :)


I am humbled getting this recognition from an awesome writer Steve. If you have not been following him yet, you are missing something. You know what I mean, go ahead and follow him. 🙂 🙂 I admire his photography and style of writing. He is very humble, but yet very talented.


Sunshine Blogger Award Take Three!

Thank you so much for Lyndsey of Happy Book Blog for giving this award. I don’t think I deserve it but I am very honored to be recognized by Lyndsey, which I consider as a successful blogger. She is one of the most creative and unique bloggers that I met online.