In the middle of Covid 19 War

Hi, it’s been awhile.  I have not posted anything. Maybe you know the reason why. I am one of the unfortunate nurses here in America that needs to take care of PUIs and Covid19 positive patients.

I don’t go home anymore. I live in an Airbnb with a co-worker so I won’t expose my family with the virus. I am broke. The salary that I am receiving now is just to pay my Mortgage and my airbnb rent.

Our PPE here in the US is not ideal, almost everyone knows. The whole country has an issue securing proper PPEs. Hospitals here are trying to recycle N95 masks, looking for ways on how to sanitize it. Some hospitals in NYC nurses are wearing trashbags. It’s all over the social media.

My hands are so dry and started developing wounds, because of too much hand washing. Masks are suffocating, but that’s our lifesaver. Some employees are getting infected young and old. Patients are definitely dying ALONE from the virus.

Did I get exposed? Yes.

Am I okay? Yes I am.

Am I scared? Definitely.

Am I going to quit? No.

What do I need? Support from the government. Prayers. You guys to stay at home.

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