This Coronavirus Thing, What is it for me?

covid 19 wuhan coronavirus

So coronavirus is no stranger to me. I have handled tons of patient with coronavirus here in the US. There are so many strains out there, but there’s this one that really stands out. This new strain that is now named “Covid-19”. Yes, we once called it as the Wuhan Coronavirus , and now it has it’s official name.

You wont believe this.

So I have a brother in the Philippines. The same month this Covid-19 came out in the news, one of the active volcanos in the Philippines erupted. It was really terrible that people are running out of mask to protect themselves from the ash. There’s no more available mask for sale, or if there’s one it is soo expensive. I saw in social media that there are some vendors in the Philippines that are selling 1 piece of regular surgical mask as Php400.00 or $8. A regular worker on low minimum wage in the Philippines can’t even make $8 a day.

We decided to look for masks here in the US, and to send it to my brother. So here me very optimistic that it’s super easy to get some here in the US. I went to the outpatient pharmacy of the hospital where I’m working. The pharmacist said they only allow people to buy 2 pieces of mask per person, and it cost $1 each. He said it is because of the demand that’s why they have to control the selling of the masks. So I went to stores like CVS, Publix, Walgreens, and Walmart – no single mask available! I checked online, they don’t have any stocks, even in Amazon.

So I waited for couple of days until Walmart got their new stock. Holy cow, one box of 50 pieces mask cost $50. Oh yes supply and demand is for real. Of course, no matter how expensive it is, people will buy.

Once we received our boxes of mask, we went to Fedex to send it to the Philippines. Don’t ask how much, it ain’t cheap. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ When we were there waiting for the Fedex personnel to help us out, two Chinese came in asking if they can send bottles of disinfectant alcohol and wet wipes to China. It made me feel really bad for them. You can see in their faces the sadness. I know how it feels to worry and be desperate. Still I can’t imagine putting myself in their position.

The truth is I am praying for China. I am praying for the Philippines. I am praying for this Covid-19 outbreak to stop. I am a healthcare worker and once upon a time I contracted an infection that is in my lungs right now, and that I will have to carry forever. I have this sleeping tuberculosis bugs, and with not proper care they may wake up and make me really sick. Watching videos of Nurses in Wuhan asking for supplies to protect them like masks, gowns, etc. breaks my heart a hundred fold. I am thinking, what if that’s me? And knowing that a lot of them are already infected makes it worse. Being a nurse itself is not easy, and contracting a transmittable disease from a patient feels like being betrayed – atleast for me that is how I feel.

Last week one of my co workers played a prank that we have a patient that is positive for Covid 19. The first thing that came into my mind – oh no I won’t be able to go home at the end of my shift. That’s my first worry, not be able to go home. And that’s why my heart goes to my fellow Nurses in China. You are making us soo proud here in the other side of the world. I am praying for you guys, you deserve to be safe and honored.

Most of us really don’t think that this is a serious matter since there are only 15 people infected here in the US. Some are desperate for their survival, and some are using this outbreak for political interest. Some businesses are losing a lot of money like airlines, while other’s are making a lot from it like the face mask manufacturers. Some are too scared, while others believe life must go on like normal.

The numbers show that this is a highly contagious virus compared to SARS, but fatality is not as bad as SARS for now. To be honest I am scared, and I am using my blog to express my opinion about this issue. At the end of this lengthy post, I am hoping for humanity to be compassionate, and be sensitive on what is really going on in the real world. Ask yourself, what are the simple things that you can do to avoid this virus from spreading? It may need some sacrifices, but maybe that’s what Mother Earth is asking us now, to be unselfish.

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