Been away, what a shame.

Shame on me. 🙂 I promised on my header that there will be new posts every Tuesday, BUT, as you noticed I’ve been away for 4 months.  This is so me. Yes, I am bad at multitasking in life. When I have major changes happening, I tend to stop blogging. As mentioned on my last post I moved to another facility and that was major to me.

I landed a new nursing job in a smaller facility. I will not be taking care anymore of high acuity patients. I am now working in a medical surgical / telemetry floor. No more IMCU step down patients for me, so my Adrenaline rush now is controlled. Less stress for me and I am loving it.

Some of you know that I tried creating a youtube channel , but just like my blog I was not able to create new videos for the last 4 months. I published a new video 3 days ago about my experience in Jungle Queen Riverboat. But that’s it, what a shame on me right?

Not so sure if I still have readers here. But YOU who are reading my post and watching my video right now is the reason why I came back blogging after 4 months of being away. You are the reason why I will continue posting. Creating video and sharing my experience here is not an easy task. From recording, to editing the video, choosing the best music, is never easy to me. I don’t have the best tools and I’m still learning. But for YOU I will continue doing it.

Thank you everyone!! I miss all of you.

8 thoughts on “Been away, what a shame.

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  2. Deborah

    I was wondering where you went! I’m so happy that your job will be less stressful for you. I’m certain that kind of work takes it’s toll. I too enjoy making videos for my YouTube channel, but I understand that it is time consuming, especially when we are self taught!. Always on the lookout for those bigger blocks of time, and sometimes they are hard to come by. So happy you’re back!

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    1. wifeblah

      Hi Deborah, I’m also soo happy seeing you leaving a comment here. Yes you are right, you really need time to create those videos for Youtube. The editing part takes a lot of time. It is fun, but it can be challenging. I miss you!! 🙂

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