What do I know about Love?

bachelor paradise love

What do I know about love? Not much. actually 🙂 I’m only married for 5 years, so I can say that I am NO expert when it comes to the talk of love. So what made me write a post about love? Couple of days ago, I started watching “Bachelor in Paradise”. I know, no judging okay? 🙂

If you don’t know what is this show all about. Let me give you a crash course about it. It is a reality show for men and women who are expecting to be engaged or find love at the end of the show. They will live in a beautiful paradise (beach) somewhere in Mexico. All day they are hanging out, getting to know people, drinking, having fun, “connecting” and of course lots of kisses. Every week you need to pick your partner and if nobody picks you, you will be out from the paradise. It’s an alternate weekly process between men and women.

Now here’s the twist, every day the production will bring in very attractive men and women to join the mix. These people are also looking for “love”. I’m pretty sure you know what’s going to happen next – more drama, crying, heartaches and the works.

I am very entertained. Some say only dumb people watches this kind of show. You can call me dumb, but I was really entertained and fascinated. I know not all people that joins the show is really looking for love, they may have millions of agenda. BUT I can see how some contestants are desperate to find honest and true love.

The contestants need to stay in the “paradise” for 7 weeks. Surprisingly some couples were able to find “real” love, got engaged, and get married. I know there’s really a possibility in finding the love of your life in 7 weeks. Who am I to judge? But you know what really amaze me, how people perceive love differently.

They are living in a controlled environment, with a theme of “spring break” sprinkled with lots of abs and boobs. Give them 7 weeks of kissing. Alas I found love. Don’t judge me for saying that I believe them. Because we perceive love differently.

For me love is my promise to my husband  to be with him through good and bad times. For them love can be having a connection and being too compatible. Or to some people, love can be accepting your differences and living in harmony.

So what do I know about love? Only one thing. Love is many things. It’s not for us to judge. Love is respect. Love is happiness. Love is sacrifice. Love is you.

14 thoughts on “What do I know about Love?

  1. WendyMegget

    Sadly, love can also be about knowing when to walk away – so that you can still love yourself, or let the one you love have a better life, even if that means without you. But you are so right, love is many things to different people, can come in so various forms, and its meaning can change as you move through your life. I wish you all the love in the world, in a way that makes you truly happy!

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    1. wifeblah

      Hi Wendy, thank you so much for your time in reading my content. You are soo right about that one, it’s like love in a form of “letting go” and “self love” which is for me self love is very important. How can you give love if you don’t have anything left for yourself? You take care always. Thank you for your well wishes. I wish you all the best too.

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  2. ciccolady

    I found love of my life not long time ago and your saying, t hat you are married 5years only? I think its a lot, there are so many different types of love and couples in this world, some couples are boobs plus abs, others are opposite, but i think the most important is to be happy doesn’t matter with who, how and then❤️

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    1. wifeblah

      You are so right about that. Who are we to judge right?? As long as there’s no abuse (physical or mental) going on in the relationship – we have to respect their choices. I am really happy that you found the love of your life Ilona, I will be soo excited to read your love story. 😉

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      1. ciccolady

        Oh❤, i was thinking, that 3 first month of pregnancy is very difficult, need to avoid hard work🤗
        This year we decided to work hard at work and to save abit, for future.
        My partner is 6 years older, he want children, but i would like to go step by step engagement, wedding and after kids. My biggest goal in life always was to build my own family. I hope for the best🤗

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      2. wifeblah

        Sounds like a plan. 🙂 Youre young and you still have time to have kids in the future. I wish you well. Im so happy you finally found your forever and true love.


  3. TheWhiteBouquette

    Very well said! Your words definitely hold a lot of truth, for not only do we perceive love differently we all also express it differently. Have you heard of the various love languages? I personally love reading about them and seeing them in how people behave around those they care about. Love is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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