Is it time to go?

icerberg rose

Just like anybody else, there are times that I am day dreaming of moving to a new workplace. Not because that I don’t like it. Trust me, my current facility is one of the best places to work with in my field. Is it just because I am a Millennial and my driving force is money?

Who are the Millenials by the way?

  • The Silent Generation: Born 1928-1945 (73-90 years old)
  • Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964 (54-72 years old)
  • Generation X: Born 1965-1980 (38-53 years old)
  • Millennials: Born 1981-1996 (22-37 years old)
  • Post-Millennials: Born 1997-Present (0-21 years old)


As far as I can remember, I am definitely under the age group of Millennial. And rumors say that our group is motivated by money. Which is probably true in my end. BUT is it really all about money? I have this weird realization today.

After working 12 hours, I saw a group meeting in our nurses’ lounge. So I signed up my name and sat down to listen on the meeting which I am not supposed to be in. However everybody is welcome to join so I did. While I was listening, I noticed that the facilitator is encouraging some staff to step up their game. Which I totally understand, because those nurses are really good. They are the leader type, the outspoken, the smart ones, and those that can fluently speak English. I don’t see somebody in the group that stutter with English like me. In my opinion they are the best fit to lead.

Going back, I am not that fluent in English when I talk. My accent is totally Filipino and sometimes when people notice that you have an accent and they have difficulty understanding you – it affects how they look at you intellectually. I can definitely notice that with my patients. Once they start noticing my difficulty in articulating what I needed to say, they slowly loss their confidence in me. *this is another topic*

Just to clarify, I am not jealous to any of my co-workers. And I am not aiming to step up my game in the management or leadership position. I dread those ideas. I like working bedside being the usual employee and that’s where I’m good at. I am a worker and a follower. However, this is something that workers should know about when moving from a small institution to a bigger one. Don’t expect to get the same personal appreciation your getting from where you came from. This is just an observation. It takes to do something really really good, or to have a big personality to get noticed in a big company.

Let me share a story. I used to work in a small hospital here in America. There was one time, the nursing director or head of the nurses in the whole hospital called me one night just to appreciate me of the good things I am doing with my job. I don’t have a big personality. I am not the leader type. However, I work with pride and conscience.

There are times I don’t feel I’m being valued no matter how hard I work. Maybe it’s just me becoming oversensitive or it’s just my hormones. Or it is just me being so used to working  in a smaller workplace.

HOWEVER, NOW I REALIZED IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. According to Forbes, Millennials in the workplace are motivated by three things, and one of them is “FEELING VALUED”. If you want o read about that article from Forbes here’s the link.

The article validates how I feel.  All this time I thought I have these thoughts of changing my workplace is because of money. Now it just get so real and clear that the reason why I am feeling this way is because I feel I am unappreciated. Not because they don’t really appreciate me, but because I am still used to the ways I am appreciated in the smaller facility I am working with before.

The reality in some companies – for the most part leaders and the upcoming leaders are the ones that are being appreciated most of the time. However, we are not all built to be leaders. Some are born to be really good followers. To boost the morale of those like me “followers” : leaders shine because of their overachiever followers.

Is it time to go?

Signing Off,

Sentimental Millennial Worker

25 thoughts on “Is it time to go?

  1. alezeik

    If you weren’t good enough, you wouldn’t have gotten a position in that bigger hospital. We should always stay confident of what we’re really capable of, and I understand sometimes we start doubting ourselves since no one is appreciating us, and start asking ourselves “Am I really good ?”
    As we grow up, the tasks that we used to get appreciated for becomes something trivial. When children take their first steps, we cheer and clap for them, admiring their achievement, but then as they walk, it becomes something normal and we no longer appreciate their achievement.
    Similarly in the work space, you might be the best at work, so you get praised and promoted to a bigger position, but then when you’re at that bigger position, and although you might be doing twice as effort as you used to, no many will clap for you since that’s the minimum of what they are expecting you to do. In fact, YOU are now in a position where you have to praise others, because others who work in smaller places/positions look up to you.
    So stay confident, and keep working hard. Good luck !

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    1. wifeblah

      First of all thank you Alezeik for your time reading and of course leaving your feedback. I am always a fan of your blog posts, and reading your comment here feels really great. Your analogy regarding appreciation and praises makes really sense to me. In fact, while writing this post, it came up to me that maybe Im feeling this way because of my experience as a child 🙂 🙂 and what you said validates what Im feeling. 🙂 I am happy that I am good at giving praises. I am very grateful to people that helped me and always helping me. I am very generous with appreciating my co worker 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for boosting my confidence, especially coming from you. I need to get to see if you have a new update on my days off 🙂 thank you again!

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  2. IanC555

    Oh Lord! I will comment because there is one thing that REALLY pisses me off lately (I mean REALY PISSES ME OFF) IS…that many…most of the places I have worked since 2013 to present (and I hope my current employer is following my on-line activity which they strongly implied in a nursing meeting a few weeks ago…”Fear Mongering and Autocratic) is that both leadership and some colleagues (both peer and superiors” FAIL…fail fail fail to acknowledge that I have 30 years experience in this field I’m in…AND I have been In observation of hundreds of colleagues in my field; hundreds of nurses; maybe 30 – 50 Hospice medical directors…the whole gamut. So you see, I know what is good practice and what is poor.

    Pandering and placating (without merit…just to get recognized vs. what are best qualities to praise) is toxic. Indeed. It is poison to the whole team.

    Failing to be authentic
    Failing to acknowledge their own humanity and need for ethics and morality.
    Failing to have empathy for all people (including the teams we work with)
    Failing to acknowledge that all nurses are leaders.

    I just took my 30 unit CEU for re-licensing. “Management and Leadership for EVERY nurse.”

    You know what one of the primary theses was? Huh! What I’ve known for years; ALL NURSES ARE LEADERS where ever they practice and no matter where they choose to focus their “Care.” In management; at the bed side; amongst themselves.

    There are leaders (fact). We need leaders. And there is the adjective: Leadership; which means nurses have attributes of a leader that they always take with them; even as followers.

    You are just fine, Wifeblah…just fine. Leadership of yourself is true, too. There are so many was to address this, but one has to know one’s self to really make it happen. You say you are a follower. Are you content with that? Is it factual? Is this your core that you know of yourself and accept and are content with? IF SO…YES! acknowledge that. And still you are a leader and your have leadership skills just because you are an RN. I’m a leader as an LVN where ever I engage my skills, too. If I am asked to do something that lacks a greater degree of consideration than I am being told to do…BE GOING AND WORKING ABOVE THAT DESPITE THE MARGINALIZED DIRECTIVE…Then I am bing a leader in advocacy of nursing ethics AND my state board of nursing…and myself…leading myself as High as I can reach within my scope! LEADER AND LEADERSHIP!

    If I need to find a new job because the marginalization is SO BAD that it is toxic to me? I am leading myself! LEADER…LEADERSHIP!

    I support you. I wrote a lot, and I could GO A LOT FURTHER On the subject, but…this is enough to be going on with.

    YOU DO YOU! A strong and competent follower IS EQUAL to a strong and competent leader. A “Boss” is not a leader. A “Boss” is a beurocratic person that give directions and is demanding and doesn’t care much…In nursing. Nursing is exclusively about LEADERSHIP in as much as I’ve described.

    Peace. (I love to rant when I can’t…LOL…hope it helps). I support you 100%. Absolutely!!!

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    1. wifeblah

      Hey!! I am very happy and thankful having you here reading and leaving awesome comments! To be honest I admire you, for having that much knowledge, experience and that is one of the reasons why all of your comments are so rich and full of good things to ponder about. I understand your frustration. And I already ranted my heart out on my post. And YES I intented to be a follower 🙂 maybe the best Follower that I can be. Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it. And please always remember you can rant on my comment whenever you want 🙂 🙂 take care!!

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  3. IanC555

    Oh Lord! I can’t shut up, but I DO have advice…if you already know, then let it be a reinforcement.

    You are in a pretty prestigious level of nursing; acute (or is it sub-abute…step down?)

    With this skill, practically there aren’t many places that won’t take you in – Acute and sub-acute principles apply everywhere. They are strongest in essential nursing skill principles that are actively used.

    I recommend staying in this field or similar level of nursing until you are ready to change specialties. Specialties can lock you in unless they are equal in level and degree.

    For example, Hospice is a highly specialized field which an advanced nurse can easily get into, but the longer you stay in a specialty then the less viable you are to advance out of it. It gets super hard the longer you stay in it.

    So…do research on where you need to go; check and and other on-line job boards to see how many stars they have; stay away from anything less than 3.5 stars as they likely have either very pour leadership or leader ship that is in conflict with non-nursing administration (the ones looking for the Money and profit.



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    1. wifeblah

      Thank you so much for the advice. Yes I get what you are saying, and I will keep that in mind. I will take that advice. Actually today I am in the middle of making a decision regarding that. Anyway, I will not leave bedside nursing for a long long time, because I love it. It can be frustrating most of the time, but I love the adrenaline sometime 🙂 🙂 It’s weird. I’m a super laid back person, easy go lucky, go with the flow type, but I love the adrenaline rush sometimes when it comes to work. Thank you again and will keep you updated.

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  4. jenslife80

    This is a really great post and one I fully understand. I remember when I was working at the hospital I was working at having the same issues, not feeling appreciated for my hard work either. I also watched my Filipino friends get treated so different from me all because their English wasn’t 100% which peed me off so much because they were the best at their jobs. Nurses really need to be appreciated more no matter what this industry is one of the hardest jobs to go up in. Keep your head high because your one great woman 🙂

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    1. wifeblah

      Thank you so much Jen reading and of course for leaving a comment. Sorry for the late response. 🙂 But yes, I totally understand what you are saying, communication is a BIG thing. If you are an immigrant it is hard to have a neutral accent for everybody to understand. But you know, it is what it is, it’s life 🙂 🙂 We can rant all we want, but that’s how things are. Thank you so much for appreciating the nursing profession. It’s a bittersweet career. 🙂 🙂

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      1. jenslife80

        That’s so true. It is and one I miss especially the patients, but I’m where I am due to the job but i don’t have any regrets as I loved what I did it’s just an unfortunate incident. I appreciate anyone who works in the job ❤️❤️

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      2. wifeblah

        Unfortunate events happen. I know some people that were not able to come back to work because of that. The bad part is, sometimes the patients that are totally with it did it to them intentionally. There’s this one nurse in my facility, she can’t go back to nursing anymore. This young obese patient intentionally fell on her. And this patient did not stopped, she intentionally fall on my co worker who is pregnant. Then now my co worker is pregnant with a fracture leg. She was not able to go back as CNA. These patient is habitually hurting nurses and cnas. One time she became my patient, that’s the first time I got really scared in my work place.

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      3. jenslife80

        That’s terrible, it’s also up to the work place to keep it safe for workers. Mine happened the same way client fell on me, but mine work Place didn’t warn me of her mobility, they soon changed her care plan but only after I got hurt. Things like these don’t need to happen before workers get hurt ☹️ you all need to keep safe my heart goes out to all who work in the field ❤️

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      4. wifeblah

        Yes very much true. I am very small 4’11” and a 6 footer patient almost fell while were on the toilet and he grabbed my arm, I was crying going home because of the pain that lasted for a week or two. Thank God I recovered. After that, I said to myself never again. They may think I am mean by not letting them do what they want, but I will not risk both of our lives. They can use a bedpan or a bedside commode if they are unsteady.

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      5. jenslife80

        That’s when there needs to be two people, I know there is never enough workers to get two to help and that’s why we get hurt ☹️ I’m so glad you recovered 🙂 it’s a frustrating field but very rewarding and the same time I know you know what I mean 🙂 always remember safety first 🙂

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      6. wifeblah

        Yes that’s true. Safety first. I learned the hard way. 🙂 Now I learned to utilize devices. Even when there are two people, if the patient is unsteady, I will not risk. But you know this patients they know they are weak they still insist. 😦

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      7. jenslife80

        This is so true😔 I’m happy you keep safe and utilise correct equipment it helps not only you but the patient too 🙂 I commend you for doing what’s right for you 🙂

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  5. Huguette

    This is a very honest and true post, not harsh at all and you shouldn’t remove it 🙂 I believe not only the millennials work for money, I guess we all do nowadays! We need to have a decent life and not need anyone, so we work even if we don’t love what we work…
    In your case, it’s totally normal to have this feeling because appreciation is such an important thing, and we all need to be appreciated, sometimes with nice words and appraisal and other times with probably a raise or bonus, otherwise we will start feeling that something is wrong and we’re not good enough, which is not true but we’ll feel it . and I agree with you not all people are born to be leaders and it’s totally fine you work with pride and conscience and this is actually great! You need to be appreciated just the way you are and this is what big institutions fail to do unfortunately, maybe you need to go to a place where the hard work is recognized and you are appreciated without being a leader or perfect in English 🙂 there’s a lot to provide and lot to give other than leadership and English!
    Good post AL and best of luck 🙂

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    1. wifeblah

      Thanks Huguette, of course I am so humbled that you are reading my post. 🙂 🙂 You are very supportive as always. You are right, it’s not only Millennial that are attracted to good compensation, probably everybody! Yes from time to time simple appreciation won’t hurt, or a thank you at least. Things like these will keep you going, especially if the nature of your work is very stressful. Totally agree that there’s so much things than Leadership and English 🙂 🙂

      As per being unappreciated, I think that is one of the cons of working in big institutions. Anyway, we just choose our own poison right? I hope you are doing great Huguette 🙂 Thanks again.

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  6. ilona madam

    good afternoon, honestly, i think everyone need money, because we have to live, bills to pay, specially at per age, i’m 27 and i’m building my life, i need money to pay bills, to by something nice for hose, to buy food, younger people and still enjoying freedom of money and having fun with friends, older ones already has set up in life, well not all, but i’m talking in general, please delete 2first comment if mine, they are up by mistake. You are working hard job and a lot of hours, i always respect doctors and nurses, best of like, my huge supporter, you are very nice and kind, one of biggest supporters in my blogging journey, i’m very happy to have you here❤️

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    1. wifeblah

      Hi Ilona, thank you so much for leaving your comment and finding time to read even with your busy schedule. 🙂 You are right, growing up and entering adulthood is not easy considering all these financial responsibilities. That’s the reality of life. Thank you for the support to all healthcare workers, this is coming from the bottom of my heart. I will always read your content and follow your journey no matter what. 🙂


  7. WendyMegget

    It’s not just the millennials that want to be appreciated. I think it’s a common thing, and as a Gen-Xer, it’s very high on my list too. 😃

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  8. Jyoti

    Hi dear ❤️❤️
    Hey I think today not only millennials work for money but everyone do it …. bcoz it is a necessity of life.
    And yes everyone is not born to be a leader, some are secret super star…

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