Madona’s God Control and My Package


9 hours ago I was soo excited, because I am expecting a package from Beautylish via Fedex. I was just talking to Julie here about how excited I am. I worked last night, 12 hours of course. I’was soo tired, but I am so happy because after 5 days of waiting I am getting my delivery today. Really really excited. Do you have the same feeling when you are about to receive something that you really want for a long long time??

So I got home. Checked on my phone where’s the delivery now. Showered. Ate breakfast with my family, nice chat of course. Checked my phone where’s the delivery now. Head to bed and sleep. Woke up in the middle of my sleep. Checked my phone where’s the delivery now. Fell asleep again. Woke up around 3:30PM. Checked my phone where’s the delivery now. Holycow! It’s already delivered on my front door as per fedex. Grabbed my camera and rush to my front door. Wow there’s a box in there, but it’s not from Beautylish nor Fedex. It is my package from Amazon. So I went to my mailbox infront. There’s nothing in there except some pitch mails as what I call them.

Checked my phone where’s the delivery now. My minuscule brain cells were like : “hello your package is missing”. Here’s the problem with me, I work in the customer service but I can be your worst nightmare if you don’t do your job properly. Why? Because I take my job pretty seriously. You should do to.

I emailed Beautylish, telling them I am upset. I am really. This is my first time buying something from them, and I am not expecting this kind of experience. However, looks like it is FedEx’ fault maybe? Who the F know. Anyway so I called Fedex too, I am calm this time around. Beautylish and Fedex responded and they are going to look for the package.

Here’s the thing, on the next street there’s a house with the same house number as ours. I have a feeling that it was delivered there. It is easy to go walk to that next street and grab the package on their front door. I am willing to do that. BUT. I am a paranoid person okay. Houses here have surveillance cameras. My family has one too – around the house. One time my Mom is wondering why her roses’ flowers are missing. Then when we reviewed our surveillance cameras. Caught red handed – those swans from the lake are eating our roses.

So imagine me taking a package from the front door of another’s house caught in their surveillance camera. Hell no girl! I read and watched too much. 🙂 🙂 I am not that stupid.

At this point. I’m fine, let them figure out where’s my package. I opened Youtube. Hello Madonna! She has this new video “God Control” released today 6/26/19. We all know that her music videos are very controversial lately – especially the Madame X album. My brain exploded. :O

here’s the video:

The video is a call for GUN CONTROL. I don’t know in your country, how they are doing with gun control. But here in America – it is really mess up. You know it, this country is always in the news when it comes to mass shooting, church shooting, school shooting all those stuff.

Then I came to my conclusion. Hell No I will not go and pickup my package from a stranger’s house front door. No way! What if somebody shoot me there thinking I am stealing my own package. I’m serious. I may sound funny or maybe stupid, but Madonna is correct – “NO ONE IS SAFE”.

34 thoughts on “Madona’s God Control and My Package

  1. Julie Krupp

    OK, so this happens to me all the time. My neighbor’s walkway is closer to my driveway than my own walkway, so delivery people get confused all the time. I text my neighbor that I am stealing my package from her porch. I agree that you have to tell people what you are doing to be safe. This is an opportunity to introduce yourself to your neighbor and exchange texts. It will make stealing much more convenient in the future. 😉 p.s. My daughter’s package arrived at the correct porch, all is well here, for now. 😉 I hope they find it soon, keep us posted!

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    1. wifeblah

      Julie mine is like 0.5 away from my house the next street where my package probably went. So it is not really a neighbor, it is on the next gated community, it just happen the street are next to each other. I am glad your daughter is enjoying the package now. 🙂 I dont even know if there are people living in that house. I went there one time to deliver a package that was accidentally placed in my mailbox.

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  2. Vihani

    Ohh i love this!!! It’s cool how you have started from delivery and ended with madona! 😀 and yea i guess you better not go and grab the package from that house without informing them. We need you aliveeee :p haha😃

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  3. Huguette

    Firstly, I know what you mean by being excited to receive a shipment and sorry for what happened, probably it’s your guess but Fedex are responsible for this! They should take action immediately, for sure you shouldn’t like walk and grab your shipment, it’s not safe I guess…So hopefully you will receive it soon 🙂
    This video for Madonna is powerful also and it’s so new! Thanks for sharing 🙂 the numbers are really awful and scary and no one is safe indeed. Here also almost every person has a gun or automatic weapons and sometimes when people fight even the special forces and armies can’t stop them! They use heavy weapons! This is a very big problem and something must be done indeed, especially that hate is increasing!
    Yesterday there was a program hosting one Lebanese that survived the Arena shoot incident in Istanbul 2 years ago, we lost 3 Lebanese and many injured…he was describing horrible facts, he practically was bag from death and this video reminded me of this incident
    Thank you for sharing and hope your day is good 🙂


    1. wifeblah

      “Here also almost every person has a gun or automatic weapons and sometimes when people fight even the special forces and armies can’t stop them! They use heavy weapons! This is a very big problem and something must be done” This is very scary. It’s heartbreaking that hate and war is not yet over in some parts of the world. I hope you and your family is in a safer community. We are blessed we never experienced this kind of mass shooting. I feel so odd everytime I watched those kind of news like what you mentioned shooting in arena, I dont and can’t understand how can someone do that to innocent people.

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      1. Huguette

        Thank you AL, we are far, there are some areas where certain parties rule and even the police can’t get there! Like tribes rules somehow, as you can find the most civilized people as well! so funny really!
        Madonna was so bold! She showed what’s really happening…this is really horrible to experience such a thing!

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      2. Huguette

        Yes they are more like clans and until the army interferes lot of blood is shed!
        I don’t go to most of these areas actually so don’t worry and appreciate your concern 😊💕

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    1. wifeblah

      Hi unfortunately fedex did not call me back. Beautylish sent me a new package, but the delivery time is 5 days instead of the 2 day that I am supposed to have because I paid more than $35 for the items. I asked them they said it will be 2 days deliver once scanned by fedex yesterday, but still it says in the tracking it will arrive in July 5 making it 5 days delivery time. Let’s see. This is the first time I ordered from them, the reason why I bought from them is because their items are way cheaper than Amazon. 😦 not so happy about it.

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  4. IanC555

    Firstly, I am really sorry all this mess is happening to you. Secondly, is that neighborhood safe? Can you go to the door and ask them…”did you get a package with my name on it? We have the same street number.” For beauty…Oh yeah…I want it and I want it NOW, so Thirdly, I know exactly what you’re talking about when you order form The Amazon (I have primes So I got me some discounts, Girrrrrllll). Sometimes they get all jacked up. One time, I did have to call them…and I got through nearly instantly…and they just refunded me just like that. One thing you could try is get that street name and call them. They can quick google map the fact of it, and it WOULD be a reasonable mistake they’d be hard pressed to NOT believe.

    Oh…get me on the phone with a customer service rep. I’ve been a nurse for nearly 30 years…I CAN DO ME SOME CUSTOMER SERVICE. Especially after a hard grind and my supervisor is loading me up…and then does it again before my shift ends. I’m a nut job by that point, and its the PERFECT TIME TO NUT JOB OVER THE PHONE WITH SOME PROOF IN HAND AND A DARING STARE THAT WILL ABSOLUTELY BE FELT THROUGH THE PHONE ALL THE WAY TO INDIA! Word!

    Just wanting to be a lil’ ray of sunshine. I hope it gets better!

    As for Guns, well….Guns safety rule number one: Don’t ever point it at ANYONE unless you aim to use it. Those that legally own guns aren’t the ones we need to worry about. Gun banned areas have the highest rate of illegal gun use (I HATE PARADOX…GRRRR). I’m fairly neutral on Gun ownership and legal use. Of what is illegal (eyes to heaven)…be careful, pay attention to your surroundings and even if you get some goose bumps…drive away and get clear especially if you are going somewhere you know isn’t safe. Home hospice handbook for new employees years 2003-2019 AND policy and procedure.

    I had a hospice patient in the hoodie hood of Oakland, CA. In my patients apartment, I heard very loud…like CLOSE gun fire, and I reported it to my supervisor. Our hospice moved our patient to a skilled nursing facility AND PAID THE FEE FOR IT so the nurses would be safe. SAFETY FIRST!

    Peace and love in spirit…human or nursing, it’s all the same to me LOL

    PS…I am officious by nature. I don’t mean to be, buuuhhhhht…I wanna help people. I LOVE helping people.

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    1. wifeblah

      aaw thank you for reading and leaving a comment. 🙂 I appreciate your effort to cheer me up. I am impress with your employer, they really moved the patient to keep their nurses’ safe. Wow that is indeed a good company to work with. How is nursing in CA?

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      1. IanC555

        How is nursing in CA? Hmmmm…Different. Demanding. Sound familiar? LOL…There are a lot of jobs here. Pay attention to and implication that might mean! I worked in Arizona last year for about 9 months. I thought the care teams were more integrated and kinder to each other. If I had a word about nursing in California in my area, I’d call it…”Edgy.” LOL. I live in a large metropolitan though. I think smaller communities might be a little more lax.

        What it like where you are?

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      2. wifeblah

        I have some friends that moved to CA because of the higher pay rate. I live in South Florida, 30 minutes from Miami. I used to work in Miami, but I move to another city. We all know that retirees come down here, so the demand for nurses is high. But the cost of living is low so the salary is low too. 🙂 🙂

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      3. IanC555

        Cost of living here SUCKS!!! I spent 1.99 for one can of Campbell’s soup. Taxes are killin, us. Wages are higher for RNs. And living wage here for would be pretty modest would be about $20 and hour. It can be pretty expensive here, and now people are leaving the state. We are leaving for AZ next year. NY and CA are the most expensive place to retire. I bet you have a lot of Californians there…mass exodus going on here. LOL

        If you love IMCU, that is A great field to branch off into other areas…highly skilled and a lot of core nursing principles learned there. When you choose a specialty outside of any acute or sub-acute, it doesn’t translate well the other way around. It would be much more difficult for a Hospice nurse to be considered for IMCU, but easy for IMCU to branch out in a lot of directions once you choose (if you want to) a specialty.

        12 hour shift must be nice if you get four consecutive days off. The on off alternating can be very grueling…day off hardly seems restful. LOL


      4. wifeblah

        We have tons of new yorker patients here. hmm this week im working 5 nights because we are under staff 😦 I love IMCU but it is hard, patient’s are very restless. ICU is hard too, but IMCU is stressful.

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      5. IanC555

        5 twelve hour shifts?! WELL! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO, and may your days of be regenerative is body, mind and spirit.

        I think I mentioned this once before about the nursing code of ethics stating “The nurse does for self what she does for her patient.” This may be the blessing in nursing. In principle, it is meant as a healing art (and science…of course). Of art and science, the first give creative and innovation to create ways to take care, and the other substantiates why it is needed.

        Hope this helps. Again, Thank you for all you do…for society and for yourself. Both are equally loving and caring.

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    2. wifeblah

      Nope, I did not bother to walk to the next street to ask for the package. Been working all night and sleeping all day 😦 I love Amazon prime, now they also have the one day delivery. I once was a customer support agent for Cricket 🙂 So I kinda know how to deal with them, if you really want something ask for the supervisor. lol

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      1. IanC555

        SUPER BUSY… CONSTANT PLACEMENT AND ADMISSIONS! Call bells galore! Rush rush rush. I worked acute oncology in my first few was also an over flow AIDS unit. Is MICU like that?

        Now I understand what you talk about…I totally get nothing breaks. Dare to leave the floor, and come back with every call light going off, IV has been alarming…then a THUMP…Ms. A in room 102 just fell, and oh, Mr. B has just walked out of his room dragging along his IV pole and his IV cath is dragging behind him and blood is dripping down his arm. Oh…and the CNA is reporting two fevers…someone has been complaining of nausea and vomited and the family has a watch and a pencil and pad…logging how long it took you…because you dared to take a break. But the report of the man in 105 and his Fr. 20 catch with 20ml balloon was pulled out because he climbed the rails after his first ever Norco and has DELIRUM because the strongest medication he ever had was baby aspirins. That one came in on you just as you sat down for a sandwich. You asked for the charge nurse to take that one because, well…maybe want at least half your peanut butter sandwich.

        PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT LIKE THAT FOR YOU! If it is…lie to me or I’ll faint dead away.

        I think I’m about to have a stroke remembering.

        My trauma would be…Ms. A hasn’t pooped in ten days AND for 3 days she’d been told to take more moraine for pain, Mr. B hasn’t urinated since yesterday and is extremely agitated, and C just died…oh…and there are twenty miles to drive between them. That’s what makes me sweat and pass the McDonald’s for a BR break…LOL. My car is well equipped with every sized cath, a ver dynamic variety of dressing supplies, chum, diapers and gloves…lots of gloves, and lots of enema bottles. Fun fun fun.

        Some day tell me about FL. Never been but do wanna see Disney World and Miami someday…and see the Atlantic Coast

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      2. wifeblah

        As per IMCU, yes it’s exactly like that. Or sometimes the heart rate of one patient is running 150s and you can’t leave the room because you have to titrate the drip, but the family next door is complaining because his dad is lying on his own poop and you can’t clean him because priority first the heart rate of 150. (real story) It can be really bad. And you function by yourself, hard to get help from CNA or PCA. You do your own blood works and bath.

        Hospice nursing is hard too, especially with the driving part. 😦 😦

        FL’s weather is great. If you go to disney world you have to try the Flight of Passage (Avatar) in animal kingdom. Use fast pass because if you dont it’s going to be 2 to 3 hour in the line (we waited that long) but it is really worthit. Best ride ever. Beaches here are beautiful 🙂 Especially around the Mexico gulf.

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