Unseen signs — Jen’s life

Hi I don’t usually re-share content, but I find this post from Jen’s Life very valuable. I thank her for allowing me to repost her story. Please don’t ignore these signs be it an adult or a child. Thank you so much.

When I think back about my childhood I come to realize that I showed a lot of signs of depression, I didn’t understand what I was doing was for a reason. I understand now that maybe what I was doing was due to how I was feeling. I remember piecing my skin with a pin […]

Click the link to read the complete story :  Unseen signs — Jen’s life

10 thoughts on “Unseen signs — Jen’s life

  1. WendyMegget

    I see why you reblogged this. I suppose the other side of the coin is that the signs may get noticed, but often people don’t know how to help, or what to do. It is sad that she was not helped by SOMEONE though.

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    1. wifeblah

      That’s true or they don’t understand what are those signs trying to convey. They may notice there’s a problem, but what it is exactly causing it and you’re right how to deal with it.

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  2. Huguette

    Thank you for sharing, yes people shouldn’t ignore any sign they witness in themselves or kids or any beloved one, because early diagnosis can save lot of pain as it can save lives as well!
    We tend to ridicule pain and hostile behavior and else … mental health is major for a happy life!
    Hope your weekend is great 🙂

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    1. wifeblah

      What you said is soo true, we judge people that fast when they behave differently from the norm. Sometimes these acts are cry for help, and we tend see it differently of course 😦

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      1. wifeblah

        Oh girl, don’t say sorry. I am the most unforgivable blogger when it comes to late response. We are both so very busy so I am also always late. In fact, you are not late!! You are always responding.

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