Madona’s God Control and My Package


9 hours ago I was soo excited because I am expecting a package from Beautylish via Fedex. I was just talking to Julie here about how excited I am. I worked last night 12 hours of course. I’was soo tired, but I am so happy because after 5 days of waiting I am getting my delivery today. Really really excited. Do you have the same feeling when you are about to receive something that you are really wanting for a long long time??


Unseen signs — Jen’s life

Hi I don’t usually re-share content, but I find this post from Jen’s Life very valuable. I thank her for allowing me to repost her story. Please don’t ignore these signs be it an adult or a child. Thank you so much.


I Hate My New Toothbrush


Yes you read it right, I hate my new toothbrush. My husband bought these toothbrush, and I don’t like them. They are so abrasive. Sometimes it hurts my gum.  However I am still using it, because it does really do the job. After using it I can feel that my teeth is surprisingly fresh and clean, better than the old one. Feels like I just had a dental appointment.


Blogger Recognition Award – First Timer :)


I am humbled getting this recognition from an awesome writer Steve. If you have not been following him yet, you are missing something. You know what I mean, go ahead and follow him. 🙂 🙂 I admire his photography and style of writing. He is very humble, but yet very talented.