Worst “How To” Video by WifeBlah : Red Cherry Shrimp Breeding Tank Below $200

So hi this is me! And this is my first attempt to video creation. lol Yes! I tried to make a “how to” video about setting up a Red Cherry Shrimp Breeding tank below $200 because of course I am always in a budget.

Why do I have to make a separate RCS tank?

Because my Red Tetra Minor Fish started eating up my red cherry shrimp (RCS). My 55 gal tank is heavily planted where shrimp can hide, but sometimes they love to swim. However, for some reason these red minor tetra started chasing them and eating them up. Me and my mom saw them, and it was BRUTAL!

Lesson Learned: Do not ever trust anyone from youtube saying that your shrimp can thrive in a community tank as long as the tank is heavily planted. It’s a myth!

Why the worst “How to Video”?

OMG see the video or camera angle? I don’t have a tripod so I just place my video camera (aka my husband’s iphone) on the chair beside my tank. Second I don’t have a good microphone, sorry you can hear me breathing while talking. lol And third the voice over is just one take and that is me rambling, which is annoying. πŸ™‚

Lesson Learned: Your family is your best critique. My husband and my brother watched my video and they can’t stop laughing, especially my husband. They know what’s totally wrong with my video. But hey no one can stop me from making it live from youtube. πŸ™‚ My husband told me that he is soo proud of me, because I am not a perfectionist and I don’t care what people will say.lol

Watch at your own risk

All in all I really find myself hilarious. If you have a Youtube Account and you feel like I can make it better please SUBSCRIBE!! πŸ™‚ love yah all! Please bear with me..

Equipment used in the video:


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