Rita Ora, JB and Ed Sheeran

abraham darby

Rita Ora is one of my favorite artists. Love her feel good song with relaxing beats. I love both happy and sad songs as long as the rhythm is fun. I appreciate music of all kinds, but sometimes I go with my mood. I have tons of curated playlist in Spotify which I would love to share it to you guys one day. Those are my favorites and I hope you will love it too, if I happen to share it. 🙂 🙂


Depression is Real

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America as per CDC (2017). The suicide rates are alarming. It is the second leading cause of death in ages 10 to 34. There are 123 Americans die from suicide every day.  And there is one death by suicide in America every 12 minutes.


I lost $600


Yep you read it right, WifeBlah lost $600 by not going to work tonight. But hey, I don’t have any regrets. My father’s sleep is priceless. I missed work, and the next time I will miss work I will be suspended. We are only allowed to miss work twice in a year.


Sunshine Blogger Award – take two :)

Thank you for the nomination Ilona. I owe you big time. I had fun answering your questions. To my nominees, I hope you have time to participate, if your too busy that is fine. 🙂 Totally understand.


Cousin Love

pink daisy

I am writing this blog post to share to you my cousin that is new to blogging. I would be grateful if you guys would check him out. 🙂




Everybody is talking about GOT season 8 episode 3 and the Avengers Endgame. I watched them both and I super like it, I’m happy with the production, story, casting, lines and everything. But they have one thing in common – “Death” of some big characters that we fell in love with.