Thoughts About Dating Around by Netflix

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This is the kind of show that my husband will never watch. πŸ™‚ He once loved watching “Marriage at First Sight”, but for some reasons he is not a fan of “Dating Around” by Netflix. One of the new shows on Netflix that I binged watch. I found this show very interesting and refreshing. If you are like me who loves documentaries, reality show and human connections then you have to watch this. πŸ™‚

This is an eye opener for me. I know that dating and looking for this “connection” is not easy, and there’s no exact science for it – but on this show they gave us a glimpse of how dating can be more dynamic in the real world were we have gender preferences, interracial dating, divorcee dating, widowed dating, dating later in life and the list goes on and on.

To be honest I learned a lot from this unique dating television show. To those who date around, to those who goes to blind dates – I salute you! It is not easy to get yourself out there, you need to be brave to do that.

To all the young generations boys and girls, you have to watch the episode with Leonard Episode 4. We can learn a lot from Leonard. He surely knows how to treat women the right way. Dear girls and boys there’s nothing wrong of respecting each other during dates. Leonard is a good example to men on how to treat women. πŸ™‚

Swiping – right and left. This can be the trend nowadays, maybe it works to many of us or maybe it doesn’t. But please always remember that behind those avatars are real human beings with feelings – and most of them are really looking for love and companionship. As the saying goes, “respect begets respect”. Respect their time and attention – please let us not fool around. We are all humans.

How to get ready before going out for a date? I am no dating guru, I am just a wife who loves writing, but here’s my only take about this crazy world of dating – love YOURSELF first. When you love yourself you know what to offer, you know what to give, and you know what you deserve. Good luck my loves!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts About Dating Around by Netflix

  1. jhward220

    I really enjoyed the read! and I look forward to many more. I can sense special people and just know you were one of them.
    Have a great day and be safe in your travels.


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