Dear Ms.Senator I Wish I Can Play Cards

This video of Senator Maureen Walsh came out last  April 16, 2019 a day after I posted my content talking about how nurses being misunderstood “Apology from a Nurse”. Senator Maureen Walsh of Washington State Senate is talking about House Bill 1155, but apparently she happened to mention this about nurses: “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day”- and it looks like nurses were not happy about it.


Thank you for this “Sunshine Blogger Award”

sunshine blogger award

First of all I would like to thank Ilona for noticing me and nominating me as one of her “Sunshine Blogger Awardee” . It was a surprise to me, I am not blogging that much at all. I had this blog for awhile, but I’m not writing at all – maybe once a year. However, my cousin started blogging and he inspires me to write again.


Apology from a Nurse

purple rose

Dear Anonymous Reader,

I wrote this, because last night I had a patient that told his son that she wants to hold his hand. While the patient is holding his son’s hand she said, “I feel very sad, this is the first human touch I had today”. This lady is dying. As a nurse it breaks my heart, we used to be called the “Angel of the sick room” but why can’t we offer a healing touch anymore? Why can’t we spend 10 seconds of our time to let our patient hold our hand and tell them everything will be alright.


Thoughts About Dating Around by Netflix

white orchids

This is the kind of show that my husband will never watch. 🙂 He once loved watching “Marriage at First Sight”, but for some reasons he is not a fan of “Dating Around” by Netflix. One of the new shows on Netflix that I binged watch. I found this show very interesting and refreshing. If you are like me who loves documentaries, reality show and human connections then you have to watch this. 🙂