Gone for a year

pink rose

Oh Hi! So I’m back. 🙂 So what happened to me? I moved to another hospital, a bigger one, more sophisticated. I super love the people that I am working with, as always, I am very blessed with awesome co workers no matter where I go.

My husband got sick, we had some cancer scare, and up to this date I am still praying to God that those nodules on his lungs will turn out benign the rest of his lives.

I got pregnant, and I lost it. Nothing much to say here, but it is heartbreaking.

Me and my husband bought a 4 bedroom house with the financial assistance of my loving parents. 🙂 I love the house, and the location is perfect. I am trying to furnish it and make it look really nice, but it seems  that I don’t have the money. As the saying goes – “Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget”. I hope one day I can post some pictures here of our quaint place. 🙂

And as I am wring this short post, I am supposed to be studying for my PCCN exam (Progressive Care Certified Nurse (AACN Certification Corporation) . I have been procrastinating for months. I really hope I will pass, but I need to do more studying than wasting my time with Netflix, HBO and Amazon. 🙂

Hope to write more soon – something with sense and value at least. 🙂

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