Yeay. I’m back.

fresh cherries

So I’m back.

Yes I am still working in that hospital. Am I happy? Trust me when I say it’s miles away from your ideal nursing job, but it pays the bills – so I am definitely happy.

I decided to write again cause I feel like doing it. Do I expect someone to be reading my posts? Of course yes, that’s why I am writing my thoughts in a blog not in a password encrypted MSWord document. But for sure no one will ever read my senseless blahs here. Don’t worry Mi Amor, at some point this blog will be one of my random accounts that password will be forever forgotten. Dead and lost in the world wide web. The WWW is like a universe, and just like our mother earth this blog is just a speck. So who cares what I say? Just me.

NO BS but the reason why I love writing a blog is because I love the sound of keyboard while I type. The faster I type the more fulfilling it is. God, I am sooo weird but hell yes that’s the main reason.

Second thing I love words, the phrasing, and how some people that I watch in TV shows or movies used them beautifully. Most of the time I watch documentaries, cause I don’t’ care about stories, I just want to hear people talking. And at some point I will be like – what a good scriptwriter they have! I appreciate dialogues, and how they perfectly use adjectives. Words that I never thought of I will be ever uttering in my lifetime.

So my English will never have the perfect grammar, and will never be native – cause I’m not one. It will always be a Filipino writing in English. And I’m proud of it. Some random strangers here asked me – “Are you Mexicana or Cubana?” , I am happy to answer I’m a Filipina. In phone calls they will always get it right, the person in the other line usually know I’m a Filipina – it’s the accent baby. And I will never change I know. I will always sound and write as a Filipino.

I said a lot. I need to finish my food. Ttfn.

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