Season ender 2020

As I am writing this blog entry I have a pile of laundry to fold. πŸ™‚

2020 is a year that I will never ever forget. Everything I witness, felt and endure this year gave me a vivid realization that there’s no way I can plan my life anymore. Life happens. I may have a little control over it, but really nobody knows what can happen to me or to us tomorrow.

There are 2 major things I learned this 2020:

  1. Humanity is overqualified in fucking up the world.
  2. Be thankful if you don’t have to witness people suffer and die in a daily basis.

2020 is a year full of bad juju. No one needs an episode recap about that, please. Yes I complained a lot about 2020, but if they will ask me to choose between Pandemic or World War – I will take the Pandemic.

I am hoping that 2021 is less of a misery. We can never change the world. We can never change how others behave. However we are fully capable of a “Humanware Update” to be a better version of ourselves. If Covid19 is capable of mutating to a more infectious strain, then so are we! Happy New Year!! Wishing everybody a safe, healthy, and happy 2021.


2020 RN Frontliner

How to properly WEAR Mask (Video Inside)

how to properly wear mask

Hi how’s everybody doing? Life and work is too much lately. πŸ™‚

There’s a little worry in my end. Florida already opened bars and all the safety precautions are removed. No need to social distance or wear mask. As we all know Fall and Winter is coming. To us healthcare workers this is something to worry about. This is like anticipating dark times, or just like in GOT – “Winter is Coming”. It is like code blue back to back again.


Liebster Nomination

Hello!! How’s everyone doing? I would like to thank Mr.A for the nomination. I love tags like this, because it gives us a glimpse of the blogger’s personality. Also answering random questions is so much fun!

So here we go…Β 


I Need Help!

Hello lovelies! I need help.

To my readers, if i still have some. πŸ™‚ I need your opinion on this one.

I’m not sure if you are aware that I started a youtube channel a year ago. Then I abandoned it for months because of this pandemic. Covid 19 consumed me. Not because I got sick – but because it drained me physically, mentally, emotionally and creatively (did I used the work correctly? lol).


Last Vacation Before the Pandemic : (Video Inside) Siesta Key Top 1 Beach in the US 2020 by TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards

siesta key beach sarasota florida

Since the pandemic started we refrain from going anywhere. This vacation was last September 2019. It took me a year to find time editing this video. Yes I am so lazy posting lately. Covid sucked the life out of me. lol

For real, I also miss going to vacations like you, like anybody else. Anyway, I hope things will get better soon so we can start planning our next vacations. So I suggest let’s be smart and influence others in doing the right decision in making this virus go away.


A Thankful Nurse

Hi, I hope everybody is doing well. I woke up today, trying to remember my life before this pandemic. It’s my day off today. I should be out shopping somewhere with my Mom. But since this pandemic started, each and everyone’s lives change drastically.